A Flag Among The Rubble

Written by: Donna Jones

A flag flies tall among the rubble
Placed even in times of great trouble

When skies grow dark or a town destroyed
Both the Red Cross and others deployed

Stories of death and rescue side by side
Both tears of joy and anguish we cried

It makes us all stop and realize
From the lost hurting look in strangers eyes

We need to give thanks for the simple things
Like the peace that routine daily life brings

And never miss the chance to smile and say
I love you to each other as we start our day

For it's not until it's all taken away
We take that moment to stop and pray

So God, thank you now for today and tomorrow
For happy times and help us through our sorrows

May a flag always fly tall among the rubble
As before, now and always through our trouble

┬ęDonna Jones