It's Only A Word

Written by: Jack Ellison

Shitty is such a cute little word I chuckle each time I hear it Even words like crappy or poopy Really don't even come near it Shitty is such a silly expression Who was first to utter this phrase Some poor soul who ws really ticked Or a dude describing his malaise Shitty can turn conversations to fun Serious things take on a new light When someone utters "that was shitty" To describe an unpleasant night Shitty's not used by sophisticated folks They find it vulgar and naughty If one of their kids utters that word They're punished and end up all snotty Shitty is such a humorous word Can't help chuckling when I peruse it But after giving it much consideration This ain't the best place to use it! © Jack Ellison 2013 No hate mail please! LOL