What to Tell Our Children

Written by: Mariam Tsiklauri

What to tell our children,
when we’re back from War,
back from Peace too,
from Death itself, -
what shall we tell them:
We looked for Love
but found it nowhere?
Looked for Freedom
but found it in slavery?
Longed for Happiness
but wedded Misfortune?
What shall we tell our children:
That we did not find a God in skies,
Home on the earth;
That our horizons were unwoven,
and we could not save the quiet
of our temples?
What shall we tell our children:
Why we begot you? 
To stand upon your infant souls,
like on some stairs,
for crawling up to Heaven,
but still staying covered with Earth,
we the wretched.

Here’s the suffering – your Bethlehem:
Give birth, by yourselves, to a God
that’ll be your peer,
that’ll support more 
you the toilers.