The Pill of Life

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

So what’s the pill of life? you might ask me.
I do not know, but this is what I think:
It might prolong one’s life, like that one tree
God hid from man! And maybe it is pink.

Yes, pink - a rosy color - just because
I think we all desire life to be sweet,
And more than one pill could give us a buzz!
But would our taking them make life complete?

And what if we’d still age although our life
Were never-ending? How could that be fun?
With aching knees and backs to face life’s strife?
The pains of growing old I wish to shun!

You’ll need to find the fount of youth, my friend.
Life’s pill - plus YOUTH - means health without an end!

Written 1/29/13 for The Pill of Life Poetry Contest