message in a broken bottle

Written by: kathryn ramirez

                                             Message in a broken bottle
Christians say, you must forgive  and let go of hate in order to be free,
I hate to forgive you, have so much anger burried deep inside of me.
Heed my warning, Don't confuse my anger for regret,
when it comes to you, that is one feeling I will never get.
I am the one who mattered nothing to you and the rest,
Hinesights 20/20 and I still think that was for the best.
I never once felt like you and yours left me behind,
for my whole life you were and are; out of sight out of mind.
The reason for my anger isn't sadness, so don't confuse,
It's the shame of having common blood with the likes of you.
 I know that to forgive you will make me feel better and possibly  relieved,
I just think the idea of giving you something is overrated and ill- concieved.
I know it took two to make me, so I guess I am here,
but I only regret one conciever, and that's you, to be clear.
I was raised way better, and by a far greater man,
 you and yours always treated me like I am second hand.
I am a second hand daughter to a real man of God.
And he wouldn't want me to hate you, even if I think that's odd.
So what to do with all of this anger, that lives inside of me?
I am stuffing it in a broken bottle with sand, and tossing it into the sea.
I will not give it to you,  you don't deserve it it's true.
How can they expect me to not hate you?
so, my idea, is I will stuff in a bottle and throw it all away.
I will not pay you what you didn't earn, yet I must pay.
So I will  store the anger and forgiveness in this broken bottle instead,
then throw it in the ocean, rather than giving it to a b*stard who's dead.
I am sure some people will think far less of me now.
but, you will not recieve what you didn't EARN, anyhow.
My message will be tucked in a broken bottle miles below the paciffic water,
had you expected different, I don't care, because I WILL NEVER BE YOUR DAUGHTER.
Why would I sink a Message in a broken bottle filled with anger, forgiveness and sand?
Because, you don't deserve it, you are dead, dead men can't swim. now you understand?