Babe, That's Not Love

Written by: Susan Clark

Babe, I can't promise you that I am able to love you like you want me to.
I can only promise that I'll see you around.
Because you see my friend my first love will never be you, and my first love will never be another man although if that's in God's plan for me, He will bring the right one my way.
So rich in my Lord's house, my life so deep now.
I'll never swim again in your shallow waters, because I can never go back and draw out of your empty well.
My love, my friend you thought that you knew me so well, but I can never be what you want me to be, a mindless soul who exists only to please you.  When you in this closed world that you have made for yourself can offer me nothing.
The truth of this matter has set me free.
You told me that I should love you unconditionally, but yet you wanted me to stay unchanged, to have stagnant conditions included.
To remain in a place called memory lane.
Babe, that's not love.