So You Just Assume

Written by: Patricia Lewis

So you have an MBA but you 
felt empty at times
You have gone to school for a 
couple of years
You are knowledgeable in that 
particular field that you are so 
captivated with
Now you sit down to lunch with 
an old friend from high school 
that only has her Associates 
You start speaking about your 
thesis and the people you have 
worked with 
You state you have traveled to 
China, Austria and England 
For the whole time you're 
taking not giving your friend 
time to talk because you 
she only has an associates and 
haven't done much with her life 
finally you take a breath and 
decide to give her a moment to 
and then your friend says
I am currently married to a 
lovely man for over 9 years
I have two lovely children 
I have two businesses that my 
husband and I run
We are about to set up a third 
business in Hong Kong as well
I have given my life to Christ 
and I am so at peace 
Your mouth drop and you 
realize Wow you should have 
never judged your friends 
potential growth over the years 
just because you never stayed 
in contact 
You realize just because you 
have your MBA and you have 
traveled doesn't make you any 
better than her 
Written by Patricia Lewis