Hurricane Warning

Written by: Frank Guglietta

               News people swear it
will consist of water from the sky
and high winds. 

Everyone panicks.
lining up in stores like Nazi's
BOTTLED WATER is a must...
              bombarding the cart full

A little spice in the soup pot and
the headless chickens flail

The wind has shattered tree's
The rain smacks your roof
The precious lights 


Everyone is fine

But another great conversation piece can 
be talked about for days and weeks
Ensuring your friends 
                you thought you might need to evacuate 
                your wife was worried
                your children cried for TV 

A first tragic event in the 
households memory.

Never having to hear children
cry due to blown off limbs
Mothers being raped 
like savages
Bombs falling like rain

               for nothing.

"Those things must just be in the movies"