Lovers Song

Written by: April Mitchell

Take my hand lover of mine
Lead me to Ecstasy Land
Where i can get lost in you
And our souls can intertwine
The butterflies i feel
Are bursting through my heart
As you whisper gently in my ear
Our souls will never part
Rub my back with
Your strong yet tender hand
Kiss my neck
Make my passion expand
I want to fall into you
And just let myself drown
Your kiss your touch
This is a high i don't want to come down
Wrap your strong arms around me
Warm the depths of my soul
Run your fingers down my neck
Send a chill down my spine so cold
You ignite in me a wildfire
That burns endlessly
Only you can quench it too
I crave you so daily
Lay beside me my love
And we'll calm our cravings together
We quench each others wildfires
And we both feel better