Darkness Rides Again

Written by: Caleb Smith

The scorched plain offers him no shelter
He is lost within the earth's deep
And on it

Every sense fixed upon a jagged ruin
Vague heat stirs the dust and death
To carry it

There is a breeze that begs for life
But it comes by the fingertips of fire
And with it

Upon this bitter stretch, Darkness rules not
And he is like the shade
But gives none

He is my hopeless hope...my steed
In this hour I have called him
And he, me

He does not fear the sun's wrath
His back is a stone blackened not by it
But in spite of it

And so, Darkness carries me over grinding sands
His nose points toward the failing sun
And past it

We will become warriors in the twilight
And gods in the moonlight...
in the darkness
We ride