Collage of Wisdom on an Angel Wing

Written by: Suzette Richards

When you see the writing on life’s stark wall, do not let other’s opinions hold sway. Life wouldn’t give you lights to prevent a fall – No green, amber or red to flag your way.
From tears shed in the dark grow pearls of wisdom – round and plump, cascading on cold cheeks. Denying the broken dreams of long forgotten youth. Grappling with the guilt felt over hard decisions made.
We pull out many rusty nails of doctrines old, which still impale the coffins of innocent lives. The objections may be loud, rife - But our brave souls are not for sale.
Sand castle on the beach... But still far out of reach, the tide will wash it away. Build the castle anyway.
Only a genuine smile will go that extra mile to undo that careless frown which we had thrown down. To heal might take a while.
Freedom is gained by insight and compassion – towards ourselves and towards others.
We can only silently reflect on the choices we made. Regret serves no purpose.
Morning on the river – soundless and still. Giving our souls rest and the peace we deserve. Drinking it in. Silence.
Upon the angel wing my love will sing to all who take flight and who seek the light. Changes it will ring.
This is a collage from my first collection of poems published - I really thought I was the "bees knees" ....Now, I cringe! I had written most of these during a time when I was close to being certified as a severe depressive but writing poetry pulled me out of the hole.... If this does not at least put a smile on your face, Becca, I give For Becca Lucas Contest: Chasing the Blues Away 1/31/2013