A Silly Mistake

Written by: yasser rhimi

“Stop!” Said the Master
“You’ve just made a silly mistake!
“You’re learning more and faster
“Don’t you need me anymore?”

“Is it a crime” Said the wrong I,
“To think more before I answer?”

“No doubt!” Said the Great Master
“For you’ve just made a silly mistake:
“You’ve desecrated the right- Not To Answer;
“Would you like me to end your fate?

“You know?...eh..mm...
“My duty is to make you learn
“How to be loyal, smart and stern,
“How to think, link and burn
“Every single common thought you earn:
“Grasp my preachings and you’ll adjourn
“All your dreams and in turn
“You’ll be blessed for unconcern.”

“Good Heavens” Said the silly I
“I thought I utter’d something wise!
“Now I must learn- Not To Try
“I’ll never ask him How and Why?!”

“A long time ago” Said the Class Preacher
“I think I made your silly mistake:
“I was a somewhat poor young creature
“When I thought my Master’s fake-
“But, thank God! As My Master Preacher
“Forgave my silly mistake.”

As the tight room was suffocating
Some intruders were grabbing chairs
All of them were vainly fighting
For a tight place unawares....
They succeeded to steal the charm
From the Preacher who worshipped calm
Till they caused His alarm:

“Where are these chairs from?!” Yelled He.
“Have I gone or am I done?!
“THIS- a Treason of Highest Degree!
“Protect the CHAIRMAN...!” Cried everyone...