Tom's Three Day Forecast

Written by: Tom Wright

Wednesday's rain was in a shrouded sheet,
With puddles moving toward the ditches;
But Thursday's forecast brought no repeat,
Oklahoma weather leaves me in stitches.

Thursday starts cloudy but turns to sunny,
With northwest winds and gusts to thirty;
Weather changes make eyes and nose runny,
Like to vacation in the Isle of Cape Verdi.

Today's wind is northerly and bitter cold,
Bringing a chance of snow, though slight;
Even yesterday's seventy was foretold,
But morning's twenty-eight is no delight.

Twixt me and Kansas, not much but fences,
To have slowing effect on this north wind;
I'll say I'm thrilled under false pretenses,
It has its bite when your blood is thinned.

Friday brings with it another high at fifty,
With northwest wind blowing around ten;
Turning south/southeast becoming shifty,
Saturday its back to the northwest again.

For Sunday's weather I have no clue,
May be hot and raining or sleet and snow;
It's too deep for my mind to construe,
Oklahoma weather, one can never know.

If I long for days both calm and sunny,
And today's cold weather seems strange;
I just remember life is so unlike honey,
And wait a short while for it to change.