A Boy Named Seth

Written by: Jack Ellison

Here's the scary story bout A daring boy named Seth Riding his two wheel bicycle He scared his Mom to death Wore the necessary helmet But didn't follow rules Doing silly tricks and stuff And acting like a fool! One time not too long ago On a sticky summer day Showing off for friends of his And much to their dismay His bike went flying off the curb And rolled into the street Into the path of speeding vehicle The car and bike did meet Fortunately the boy named Seth Jumped off before it hit The bike ended up a pile of junk The car bumper badly split Seth had scrapes and bruises On his unprotected body He sure was mighty thankful Cause he was being naughty Now you know there'll be a moral With most of these there's one When riding your bike near traffic It's alright to have some fun But pay attention to safety rules Never mind those tricky feats You'll live a long and happy life Not splattered all over the street! © Jack Ellison 2013 One for the kiddies!