Moonlight Silhouette

Written by: Carma Reed

He Tightly Wrapped, His Armed 
Blanket Of Moonlight 
Silhouette, Around Her 
Gorgeous Body, Pressing And 
Rubbing, Their Skin Against 
Each Other, Deepened Its Soft 
Breasted Pillowed River, That 
Runs Loves Journey, To Never 
End, Where They Entwine As 
One Being, One Soul, One 
Heart, And One Pulsation, And 
While Merging Together, She 
Envelopes Him With Her 
Magma-Filled Volcano, As His 
Staff Explores, By Plunging In 
And Out, Of Her Inner Valley, 
Sending Her Into, Electrifying 
Epileptic Convulsions, Off 
Orgasmic Pleasures, Grinding, 
Deeper And Deeper, As She 
Jumps, Higher And Higher, 
Until He Reaches The Spot, 
That Triggers Her Ignition, Her 
Magma Covers His Staff, As His 
Milk Spews, Inside Her Volcano, 
Sleep Possesses Them, As They 
Become Moonlight 

Written By: Carma Reed and 
Collaborated with Eric Nelson 
Manley Shelman 

Dedicated to Richard Palmer