My Hopelessness and Loss of Sleep

Written by: Kamal Raj Dahal

My sleepless nights
Many days, months, years passed away
I have heard, but … … …..nothing satisfactorily 
Rear case
Few are surviving without food
Some are surviving without sleep.

I am mad both I need
Hard for me in these days
Why I am sleepless?
Why I am getting loss of my sleep?

The blue Sky has become very friendly to me
I count stars from the balcony
Why I am like this always?
No change in my life?
Losing power to make understand myself
My mind and body
Fighting with my hopelessness
But I have heard 
Hopeless life sometimes gets hopeful life
Drawing lines of unconscious for how long?
Still I have to learn to dominate my tensions.

Because this mind goes anywhere,
Where we say to go or whether not say
And it pursues guide for its movement
Sometimes not
What we make possible
It depends on our movement.

There is big different 
Between my life and my dominated life
My life was free
I used to eat and drink
And I feel freedom for me anytime
But my dominated life is tightened with ropes 
One, two, three adding, attaching and attaching
Day by day tightening and tightening.

Needing more and more penny
I too searching to gain for me
In this penniless world for needy
Who has got lot, they are greedy
Bridging them all with solution 
Thinking and thinking and thinking
I have no more sleep 
For attempt of balancing
I have got lost my sleep.