Obese Mass

Written by: Frank Guglietta

The couch invisible,
 hidden by a body of mass

His gut rises 
His gigantic thighs
His round ankles
His flappy breasts
His chin rests on
a pillow of fat that

                He devours his heavy meals
conducting noises like
a garbage disposal
His ass anchors
the motionless weight
               It sweats and sweats

His wife placing another bottle
of Coca Cola
(A straw is used) 
so his neck dodges stress of bending

His weight is probably 
due to a disease
               Everyone has a disease 
these days
Driving to their doctors 
pleading for their prescription
then driving to the pharmacy 
to gladly pick it up

Clinging to their pill case
As the fat man
slurps down more pizza
All of them proud
 to be an American