Scars Left Behind

Written by: Russell Sivey

I loved her so much, at least for awhile We were engaged to get married one day Our hearts were as one, as forever whole I wanted to be her husband, to stay But one day, when everyone else was gone We thought we would just kiss and fool around I, one, wanted to wait until marriage To make love, I was surely heaven bound She had other plans, we kissed for awhile Clothes came off, I wasn’t comfortable Then she grabbed me, she was stronger than me I pulled, but her strength, I wasn’t able I tried to get away, to run on out I didn’t like what’s going to happen She really beat me up with her fists Bleeding and bruised she had used her weapon She threw me down onto the bed quite hard And started to perform acts of horror I tried to get lose but her knee’s on me I was feeling weird, I saw great terror Then I was pained, unwantedly ready I felt her on me, as my eyes were shut Then it happened, I was deep inside her And I cried, didn’t want to feel my gut As she’s performing the unspeakable I’m still crying with each terrible stroke I wanted her dead, terror in my head I feel my innocence lost, my love...broke When she was finished, she did one last thing My seed exploded and she yelped with glee I hated her now, she did laugh at me I couldn’t move right then, I couldn’t see She got dressed and I heard her leave the house I hated her for what she did to me Pain was with me, I hurt more in my soul I got up, got dressed, and tried to empty To rid of my thoughts would take many years I never told anyone for decades But now it’s over and gone I can share It helps my soul to display these old shades
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Scars Left Behind" contest 1/30/2013