Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

Scars Left Behind It was about 3:00 AM On a cold October night. I was coming out of work It was a Wednesday night. We got off early on week days, on weekends we had to work 12 hours straight. Still wearing my uniform, cause I was a waitress, I was walking to a Taxi Stand. All of a sudden, a car pulls up and blocks my way. two men got out and grabed me, threw me into the car on the front seat. In the back seat they had another young girl about my age. She was crying two men were holding her. In the front was the driver and the other man with me. The driver pointed a gun at me. He told me to be quiet The other man held me and they drove away. I didn't know who these men were, but I had seen the driver in the restaurant a few times. He never talked much, only gave his order and paid when they were done. But he always looked at me kind of strange. They kepted us all day and took us to bars and tried to give us to eat, but we didn't eat. They also took us where there was a lot of men, they told us - this is our gang and if you go to the police, we will kill your boyfriends and your family too. We were too scared to do anything, but cry. That night , they took us to a cheap hotel. I don't know what they did to the other girl - I never saw her again. To me The driver of the car told me that he had always liked me. I beg him to leave me alone, but he tore my clothes, beat me up and raped me. The next morning about 5:00 AM they took me and threw me in a street close to where they had picked me up. I was able to get to my cousin's aparment. She just started to cry when she saw me. For three days I could not go to work, but life goes on. Those are the SCARS left behind. The one that no one can see, but they are there and to this day I can't forget. When I think of those days - I still get the chills. I was only nineteen...
01 /30/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Another part of my life. For gail's contest