mothers addiction sons conviction

Written by: louis rams

she was hooked on drugs part of her life 
but has a son to help her fight 
in life we never know the road we may take 
but changing the course is never too late. 

he had taken the same road as she 
main lining and pills was all he could see 
addiction is a hard price to pay 
but something happened that changed his way. 

I know the lifestyle all too well 
for ten years my brother was addicted and went thru hell 
then he had become drug free 
and a drug councilor he would be. 
he had gotten many on methadone 
and good results it had shown. 

now as you go through the withdrawal pain 
think of how much you have to gain 
withdrawal is not an easy task 
do you want your life back? you must ask! 

do you recall the birth pains that you went thru 
and his life was fresh and new. 
wasn't all that pain worth your while 
that you had such a beautiful child. 

there is no pain that you can go thru 
than the pains that a mother knew. 
you have to be willing to make the change 
otherwise your life will stay the same. 

these words are from a concerned son 
the choices you've made can be undone. 


louis rams :