Dead Streets

Written by: Frank Guglietta

There is no life.                                                                    
No life where I live
in this safe state.
Content with their power 
of achievement. 
Holding a necessity 
to show everyone 

Driving their cars...
                  cars that are borrowed
paying debt each month
                 Driving up their long
That leads to a wide 

A separate house
to warm their prize 

What fine wine to drink tonight?
Calling fake friends
followed by fake hello’s

Put the 72 inch screen 
here or there?
Does rug match curtain?
Does little Jimmy
have brand new cleats?
Do my jeans pass my budget?
                    over 75 dollars

Parents starring at pay
rather than blood

I must leave

Where people aren’t in
their cocoon of safety 
I need to leave
venturing for life
Pretending no more
that I fit in with this 
mask of a life