Folding Domino's

Written by: Frank Guglietta

People who enjoy sex
have a sex addiction.
The depressed must 
take a pill to be balanced. 
The fat must flee to surgery
               instead of a pushup

Children who are being children
must be labeled.
              Send them
to another capsule...
               then they will regain proper behavior
Handicap spaces are full;
full of able legs and arms. 

If hungry,
you must devour,
not eat.
Being told it goes bad quickly,
               you must purchase another coarse.

Idols glorify lives,
If they were to kill,
as would you.

You are told to type...
not write,
so you type. 
You buy a stick of gum,
but must pay tax. 
The sign says stop
               you must abide
or a ticket is delivered
right on time. 

If a drunk needs a drink
to escape. He is a