cos i rolled in fox poo

Written by: Seren Roberts

Oh my she has that look in her eye
Means something nasty is going to happen to me
Gives me a biscuit and tells me I’m  a good  girl
The fur on the back of my neck starts to  curl

Come along Tilly she said it’s a shower for you
All because I rolled in fox poo
Collar is off, towels at the ready
I looked her straight in the eye and said

I had one last month. What do you think you’r at
I am not some poncey dog  or a fluffy cat
I am a brave Boxer Girl with a bark like a rottie
Scares people to death think it’s so funny

So here I stand all over a quiver
The water nice and warm I will try not to slither
Wow smelly shampoo  come on now why do you bother
Rather smell of fox poo will just roll in another

Can’t understand humans why they get so uptight
Cos I rolled in fox poo is that not alright
You soak in a bath and smell of flowers and things
You think that’s alright  , well I think Fox poo swings