Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Imagine Imagine that mankind has created the pill of life The perfect antidote that keeps us young forever Allowing us to erase painful memories out of our minds To replace them with all happy past endeavors Imagine seeing the wrinkles from hardship years slowly fade Tears once easily formed now remain a diamond’s rich sparkle in one’s eyes Showing the child within having another chance to come out and play Through our vibrant youth we thought once died Imagine the relief of never having to face death Of never having to endure the heartache of telling our loved ones goodbye Grateful that we will never have to worry about taking our last breath For mankind has created the perfect antidote, the pill of life Imagine inventing heaven onto the earth out of God’s will Where God showed mankind how we could live forever in eternal life within a pill
Contest: The Pill of Life Sponsor: Russell Sivey 1/30/2013