Loves Gamble

Written by: Noble Smalls

You've dealt your last hand to me,  deciding what needs to be done, knowing I should run. I sit with high hopes.
When will I win a simple spot in your life, I'm playing for keeps but your just gambling with broken sections of my heart, my mind I'm blinded by your beauty, not seeing what’s on the inside the truth...
No love
I tell you a man's pride, shaking my head from side to side.
I'm No value to you, playing you’re not so friendly game.
I'm the blame should be ashamed.
My life complicated enough with my own dreams of being someone, to be a part of something real.
What do u feel?
Do you feel?
How many players I'm playing against to win something so far out of my reach, when I should have just fold.   Cards dealt, I'm the losing hand.
Incomplete thoughts in my life as I just sit here and wait for something that's never going to be nothing. 
Time wasted
Playing the head fool in this foolish game. Down to my last chips dreaming to just kiss your lips once more...
One more time....
I'm all in, knowing I can't win.
High hopes run deep.....
As I play the lowest cards on the table. It’s on and I'm out
Nothing left to give; my heart skipped a beat as I sit back, reality sunk in.
You've dealt your last hand to me, killing my dreams of ever winning what I thought was your love.