Here is to you Dr king

Written by: Robert Walker

Extra   extra   read all about it  black man ,black man liberal and free
Now that’s something we couldn’t say back in the early  1960s  
If you know like me we must give credit where due, so thanks to you Dr king
We owe you for all you went through  just to let freedom ring
If you were alive today you wouldn’t believe what you have achieve for all of us 
Because fifty years ago we all know we couldn’t even get a seat on the bus
Yes  we must thank you Martin for all that you started for all the little folks 
For if it were not for you and what you went through we wouldn’t even have a fair vote 
Now racism still exists  it’s in the mist  and it carries an awful scent 
But thanks to you we have a choice and have raised our voice and elected a black president
It has taken so long for us to be this strong and live beside others as equals
So as long as we survive we’ll keep your dream alive for it mean so much to our people