Written by: Leonard Kleeman


I thought I'd write some poetry
Just for the fun that it would be.
So I went to the web to see
 what it said
about how to write poems just for me.

I ran into words like iambic and tercet
and other ones that I had never met.   
There was even a thing called a quatrain
that confused and corrupted my brain.

Stanzas are neat if they get the right beat
with the meter which I'd no doubt delete.
You also have tetrameter and pentameter
which are terms I don't think are neat.

Long ago I did write in rhyme 
but just to friends who didn't mind.
I'd write some limericks or lyrics to sing
that were not important 
and didn't mean a thing.

But as I write now and look into how
I find myself stymied by words to allow.
I read such things as trochee 
and anapest and even dactyl.
They are words I just read 
and don't really feel.

Those words belong to meter,
 a measure in feet.
With stresses on heavy or light
and then they repeat.
They do form the meter 
which makes the poem complete.

I may just give up and write more in prose
My friends will give thanks and I'd smell like a rose.
But I do get such joy with the lines in a verse
So I'll just continue, and the poems I'll disperse. 

I could go further and write in free verse,
which doesn't make sense 
and just makes it worse.
Free verse would just boggle my mind.
It really won't matter
what rules I would shatter
as long as I make the words rhyme.

* I actually learned all the technical poetry terms as an English major in college.  This is just a satire on their usage and the way I enjoy poetry.