The journey

Written by: jim joyce

Imagine walking a  straight earthen  forest path 
 the Silence is deep, beautiful and complete
the senses overwhelmed , The sun cuts  thru the canopy of deep green
 vegetation ,dripping moisture and life
 At Peace with no strife strolling along this wooded  path 

Up ahead a misty veil obscures the  view
cooling ,refreshing ,soothing as one passes  thru 
Long forgotten memories begin to drift by,
 images of childhood  come alive 
Stop and live your experiences, relive your life
At the end the present is clear, from oldest to new, it sweeps by

The memories complete , another veil comes slowly to you 
A curtain separating worlds dividing you 
Here the beast within stalks the consciousness of the mind
Released upon command , lurking just below the surface of modern man
the strength and savagery of the wild and untamed
Beware the savage beast as u leave him behind

To cross the next veil of vapor and health 
 Feel your perfect physical self 
Strong , in tune, healed, able to mend 
 recover from fatigue , your body at its best
 feel its perfection , test its strength 

Another step another world
This long straight earthen pathway leads to life
Up ahead a pure white light , enter and be  healed from sickness , disease and strife

Further on the tunnel of pure white light ,
 the stairs leading up to your final night 
guarded to make sure your decision is right 
 off to your right leading down another set 
 if u like to go further out  take the first step leading down