Written by: jeffry cohan

          FOR A FRACTION OF          FOREVER

Do you ever feel through forever and remember me?
A vibrant me who vowed the Vienna we would visit on vacation
And share the space of one stool set aside serendipity
When your wishes would be the only legal tender
While tenderness tamed torment

Do you recall the message our souls united once sent?
Anyone who saw us knew
Anyone who saw us saw only you
For you commanded one’s stare
With golden hair woven of wonder
And eyes that call to mind a sky you soared when you were only ten
With a sun that wished you ever back to when

When fickle snowflakes flicked themselves off a forest’s foliage
And love arrived in a slay pulled by two dreams and one reality
Everything else
In actuality
Becomes a triviality
For triumph becomes trivial when it tries to outshine the aura of an angel
Be that angel you
Be that angel true
That I might flight to take with you
And make with you a home formed from the fantasy of forever
And the beating heart of a flower plucked from the prettiest part of perpetuity
And granted its grace unto you
A lady whose eyes birthed blue
And whose gaze grows by the phase of the moon
That syncopation and a sultry song might  swoon
But songs fade
Music becomes mistiness
And the band bows to the bewilderment of twilight
When, as surely as night falls
A question calls
Do you ever find me in the center of forever?
  © 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~