Mister Goofus

Written by: Jack Ellison

There once was a song called “Goofus” I think this describes me all right Sounds about right for this mood I'm in Been in it forty days, forty nights! I highly recommend this euphoric state Ain't too many things will upset you Probably when somebody refuses to smile Is about the only time it will get you! Pay no heed though, I'm sure it will pass You'll be sad and grumpy once more It's the way of the world, it can get to you Once again you'll end up on the floor! But have no fear, Mister Goofus is here To get you back up on your horse Usually employ some tried and true tactics To help you get back on course! Whatever you may think bout this or that Makes no difference as far as I see It'll surely go on very much like before Sounds like a little goofus to me! © Jack Ellison 2013