Written by: autry emanuel

Why hast though been dishonest 
for what gain does thou seek
my soul i would have given to thee

why hast thou played the harlot 
to decievith me to believe
to believe you were true

my heart thou hast broken and crumbled
my knees are weak on my feet i stumble
as a precious thing to me you betrayeth me

my best friend you have bestowed upon
i can not bear the thought
you are my love and have corrupted my heart

terror strikes hold of me betwixt my breast
what did i do wrong all my love i give
i cherish you like the wings of an eagle

you treadeth on  me with a great burden
why spread your lovely calves for another to discover
what beckoned thee to carelessy lay around the oak

for my love you gave me tears i cry and choke