What if

Written by: Robert Mayy

Have you ever wonder what might have been?
If nature had taken a different course
And things would no be what they seem
And reality was was always  a dream

So what if?
If the moon was made of cheese
And we all succeeded in the things we did
Like exploding stars we would find a place
Somewhere in the cosmos, in outer space

What if we could rise  from the dead
And we had but one choice to make
Would we choose the same path again?
Or divert to a new one instead

What if we could rule the world
And we had all the diamonds and pearl
Would we share if amongst ourselves
Or would we give it to no one else

What if the earth was flat?
And we fell off it's edge
Would we drift in outer space? 
Or would we be stuck in just one place

What if we had no gravity 
And we floated in space
Would it conjure up new possibilities
Or would we lost in time and place.

What if there we had no bees
And we got honey from the trees
Would we still be satisfied
Or would we still feel deprived

What if we were all ten feet tall
And our nose were longer than our feet
Do you think we would benefit
Or would it matter not at all

What if time moved in reverse 
And we know the future as it is the past
Would we still be in a hurry to live
Or would we savour the future
Because we have already visited the past.

There are many conundrums that one can imagine
If nature had taken a different course
That the path it choose to begin
But if you want to keep away boredom
And really streatch your mind
Just think if nature had taken a different course
Than the way we know it
 Just for a while.