Crust Method

Written by: Turbin Tetnus

Eye  control darkness
Standing in creek consciousness
Eye pain portal
Me maladjusted myalgia
Hyposyncratic virilence
It tick, me tick
Bit me
Me sick
Loads shells, no click

Arabic apotheosis shrouded in defamation
Famine lives thru sublimation

Disgorge over the stern of the barge
Decrepid canal lazes with crude afterbirth
Charged with aborted sludge 
Stripping the last shreds of life from the shopping carts that pose on the bottom
Fist-nose, lymphnodes spliced with tar
Near here the fear steers clear from afar
The fetid bargeman stalks the scape defiled
Drapes his rape on the nape of the last paedophile.