Waiting for you

Written by: Chrissy Downing

Everyone always said 
That with age
Time speeds up
Rushing all around us
And I found this to be true
That is
Until I found you
Now I find 
That time has slowed 
Almost coming to a stop
When you are not near me
It is as if I am
Attempting to swim
In a sea of molasses 
I slowly start to sink 
Becoming frozen in time
Waiting for movement to happen
Time slowly ebbs on 
Creeping through the seconds
As if it were a caterpillar 
Crawling across a vast green leaf
I shall sit here waiting
Hoping for time to speed up
Just so I can be closer
Closer to having you
Back in my arms
Closer to kissing your lips once more
Closer to always having you
By my side forevermore
Just closer to you
Come home safely to me
Ill be waiting my dear
Time moves slow
While waiting for you
But your love 
Is worth the wait
So Ill be right here
Waiting for you my dear