Always Angry

Written by: angel heady

Why always be angry at the world.  When it's your own fault that your life is empty and broken.  How can you just keep yelling and screaming where's my life gone.

Realizing the world doesn't owe you anything and always wanting people to take care of you for nothing.  You caused everything that happened in life.  You let the devil take over and chased everyone and everything away that loved you.

Leaving you angry and confused. Thinking to yourself just let me take one more drink and pill that will fix everything and the anger that's deep down inside will be gone.

Til the next time. Slowly killing any kind of hope for a future, while the people who love and care about you unconditionally are stuck watching you self destructed form the inside out.  While you slowly hit rock bottom.  Knowing no one can save you but yourself.  Making you even angrier becuase you only have yourself to blame for not having nothing in your life except the drugs, alcohol and your demons left to thank for the way your life turned out .