Misery Loves Company

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Misery Loves Company Don’t let your toxic friends bring you down They’re struck with jealousy that they can’t face Misery loves company and as long as you stick around They’ll keep you under their spell of hate You know when they are a toxic friend When they’re hot and cold to you at the same time Their look of disgust exists to no end Even after you long left them behind A friend like this is called an enemy Use the name as long as it fits Because when it comes down to it, misery loves company And their mission is to bring you down with it Don’t allow them to belittle your self esteem Or rob the smile off your face and make you frown They are the lonely ones who are just plain mean Never able to keep a friend around So keep your head up high and believe you are worthy of a friend Someone who is going to appreciate the person you are Someone who will be there to lift you time and time again To see you exist in this world like a shining star