Written by: Keith Papyri

My His-Story

The bowel movement of Ms. Liberty is Black His-Story Month.
We're forced fed information from the tissue
She wiped from back to front (did you cringe?)...me too!
But knowing my Great, Great, Great, etc.
Grandmother was traded for an ass
Births a Rebel with a cause!

I'm engraving your name upon this axe that
I'm using to sever  the chain attached to your name!
No more date rapes from Master
Who loves you with a love, equivalent
To an ass!

Know that our stock has risen and split!
Martin Luther The Dreamer, became Prophet
This guy named Obama, inaugurated on the steps
Built by your fellow slave comrades
Since then they've received retroactive pay,
Bills of total vindication
Giving change in mockery minted coins.
They couldn't have foreseen as slaves
They were constructing the pedestal for the Promised Land,
Their situation wasn't looking so promising!
But in 2008 granny
The Lord split the sea again!

We're not second class citizens either,
Thanks to genetics
We annihilate anything you mix us with,
The proof is in our last name.
I want you to strut in the afterlife
With your head held high,
The blood you've shed inks my pen
Redeeming your value.
Your grandson came to repurchase your deed,
You are a Lady and you are freed
From being sold by animals
For an animal!

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