That's What Friends Are For

Written by: Lillie Williams

That’s What Friends Are For

I let you rest on my shoulder
All the nights you cried
I spent many hours wiping
Tears from your eyes
I couldn't stand to see you
Hurt so bad inside
But you are only human
She never realize

Now you feel like your
Whole life has fail
And if you’re going the
 Right direction
Your heart can never tell
My friendship comes free
It’s clearly not for sale
I am your pillow of strength
I promise to do my best
Try me, believe in me
Put me through the test

Lay your head in my lap
We both can concur
I’m trying to be your comfort
But it’s her that you prefer
I’m crying and hurting with you
This is what friends are for
Sure she broke your heart
And left you standing alone
It’s tearing you apart because
You realize that she’s gone

I’ll stay close, as long as 
Your heart wants me to
I can feel your hurt, and all the
Things she put you through
Let me help you;
And face whatever
Problem might occur
After all my love;
That’s what friends are for