Missing You

Written by: Tee Monique

Miss you asking will I see you tonight or when will you see me again...me saying definitely or when would you like...
Miss texting you I'm on my way..
Miss how u open the door and greet me with a hug. Me walking past you looking you up and down, loving your attire and smiling at the sight of your face..looking at your full soft lips, they look so inviting..wanting to just taste them everytime Im near you..the smell of your cologne turns me on. Wishing my butterflies would subside So that I can savor and enjoy the moment while it last...walking into the room kicking off my shoes and climbing in the bed...anticipating the moment that u lie down beside me So that I can place my face in your neck and rub my hands in your head..loving the way my fingers collide across your wavy hair...the feeling I get from you is So warm and comforting..lying on your chest and listening to the rhythm of your heart beat...wondering if it matches mine..the feeling is indescribable...thinking to myself this guy is amazing to me..So strong willed and determined... yet attractive enough already...your stamina makes you So captivating..I can honestly say I've never met anyone like you..So positive, So real, So open and honest, So down to earth...and if I've found all of your qualities tantalizing please do forgive me..it was beyond my control..in my eyes you're amazing to me.....BUT do just know...I MISS YOU