No Turning Back

Written by: Leigh Trent

I close my eyes 
And I can see the golden eye looking at me.  I think to myself 
“Why me.” 
Then I stop, 
Because I remember that it can read my thoughts.  
The golden eye 
Is like a lace wing with yellow eyes 
That can see everywhere.  
It is the all knowing eye.  
I try to run 
Because I know it needs me for something,
Even though I don’t know what, 
It can’t be good.  
It never is.  
I start running faster,
But there’s no escaping.  
The golden eye will just get inside my head.  
I can hear it 
Whispering something 
In an ancient language.  It starts getting louder and louder 
I am on my knees screaming.  
Then it’s silent, 
I’m silent.  
I get up 
And start walking, 
But it’s not me walking, 
The golden eye is pulling me back.  
I try to fight it 
But it’s too strong. 
There is no turning back now.  
It’s over!