Fantasy World Comes To Life

Written by: Leigh Trent

To souls intertwined within each other
To body’s appearing as one from afar
One extra-large heart shared equally between the two people.

As the moon light sparkles onto the lake next to where we lay
My head goes wild with all kinds of thoughts
About us and about are future together
Thinking of how close we are 
But yet so far away
And all the good times we will have.

You take my hand 
And pull me to my feet
Then you surprise me 
By picking me up and
Quite literally, thow me into the lake
Then you jump in with me 
And as we swim 
In this lake lit up 
By the full moon at the stroke of one
I realize I am already living the fantasy
My head has created. 
Because as long as I’m with you 
My fantasy IS my world,
Because of you,
My Beast Boy
Sean Cannon!