Pretty Little Lady

Written by: Gelacia Villegas

I can see you standing there
Like you never even left
It’s like you’re still here by side
To comfort me when I cry

Dry your eyes
My pretty little lady
Pretty girls don’t cry
Have no fear
My pretty little lady
I’m still here you’ll survive

You know it hurts to say goodbye
To the one you really love
No matter what happens
You’ll always be thought of

Your heart is heart is kind
My pretty little lady
Girls like you are hard to find
Please confide
My pretty little lady
Your heart will always be mine

I can’t wait to see you again
And hold you very close
And never again will I let you go…

So many years have passed by
Finally today is the day
After so long I don’t have to cry
I get to see your face again

Hello again
My pretty little lady
It’s very nice to see you
I’ve missed you so
My pretty little lady
Now can I please marry you

Yes you may