A Contemplation

Written by: Jack Jordan

There are no truly blue flowers. 
No, not one. 
Hydrangeas or tulips can be green,
an odd color for flowers, I think.
Brown ones are dead. 
Brown and green are the colors of human eyes though,
and blue too, but that’s rare as eye color goes. 
Almost everyone has two eyes, or at least one. 
There are those whose eyes don’t work correctly, 
and some unfortunate souls who have none at all.
Every pirate ever known had just one eye.
Yep, just one eye and a black patch.
(I may be wrong about this.) 
There are cave creatures,
salamanders and roaches and fish, 
that have no eyes at all, and live in total darkness; 
evolution has done away with their eyes. 
Why would they need eyes if there is no light, 
not even that spectacular light from the sun 
in fluorescent (which means “shining through”) ribbons 
between clouds on stormy days?
There are other eyes too, on potatoes, certain fabrics, needles 
(Each needle has one; there are no two-eyed needles that I know of.).
Personally, I have two eyes, both blue, 
which see correctly only with assistance.
I often wish I had the third eye in the center of my forehead,
the one that symbolizes a state of 
enlightenment, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences. 
However, I’m almost certain I won’t have one in this existence. 
Perhaps I will in the next, assuming I’m not reincarnated as
a snake or, even worse, a dung beetle. 
But then, I’ve been decent and reasonable most of this life, 
so maybe I will have that third eye the next time around.
It’s worth thinking about.