I wanna be

Written by: Terry Ledwell

I wanna be the mirror where you stand,
To the very smallest in your hand,
Close enough to steal the breath you pass,
The moment you confess that it's  your 
I wanna know the image that you see,
Is more than just a shadow cast at me,
So everytime you smile I can't deny,
Each image you compile to fill my eyes....
I wanna be the steam within your bath,
So everytime you lean against the glass,
The imprint of your body blends with 
So innocent you soap it to a grind...
I wanna be the skirt around your hips,
Thats flattered by the flirt between your 
Not the ones your lipstick has to trace,
But the ones that sit below your waist...
I only wanna be the one you need,
So anytime your soul begins to bleed, 
Find a shiny surface just to stare,
And I will be the purpose that it's there ...