The Coming of Fall

Written by: Donna Jones

The coming of fall
Brings hazy cool mornings, as fog hovers between the mountains 
The feel of soft flannel finding my bare skin
Footprints left among the dew on green grass, reminding me of walks on seashore sands
The sun reflecting off colorful leaves, making them sparkle like jewels hanging in the trees
Overhead, a passing flock of geese squawk saying hello, as they make their way to their winter home
A faint hint of smoke hangs in the air from a nearby fireplace burning against dawns early chill
A Buck deer's rutting cry echoes from somewhere in the distant valley
Gentle breezes stir crispy leaves as they fall around me like giant tree tears
Evening air turns warm touched with the last breath of summer
As the early sunset whispers its golden promise of the coming of fall

┬ęDonna Jones