Didnt' see it

Written by: Sharon Morken

Walk in the door
Tables scream opportunities
Is this the best solution
Best possible income for those with degrees

Seems so wrong 
work soo hard behind a desk
Supposed to come out of top
Somehow you're at the start making minimum wage at best

We're told it's not what your country can do for you
But what you can do for your country
When your country outsources jobs for the bottom line
Loyalty and respect are no longer part of the design

Relationships are 50/50
This doesn't add up
I work hours and hours
What do you do?
Criticize how I do my job
Complain how profits are down..
Sob Sob Sob.

I don't want to hear it
Can't say you didn't see it
If they said they'd care
I'd never believe it
Its all a faux trust cloud
They want you to follow without a doubt
Give me bonus or commission
I don't want a gold star, this isn't cub or girl scouts. 
I'll get pleasure watching this CEO run this into the ground. 
When everyone is shocked they're fired on black Friday
I'll be starting a new business giving me endless paydays.