Obscured Lenses

Written by: wayland bunch

First look, glasses as my eyes glance
From left to right I begin to read
Much as if I were in a trance
My education faulted for this deed

Second look with randomness I search
Looking for a pattern, no not the glasses
Does this person attends a formal church
This poem is one of their trespasses

Third look now the compulsion takes me
The poem was edited to fit the picture
But I say this isn’t possible, it can’t be
If so they surely deserve a stricture

Three looks, glasses or not, all were done in vain
If you copy, paste, add punctuation then it’s plain

Poem by Wayland Bunch for Occlusion contest. This is a rhymed form of poetry under 20 lines, but technically it fits better into the category of Sonnet, so I don't know if it will be accepted. If not back to the drawing board lol.