To infinity and beyond

Written by: Fadeem Brace

It's a quintessential weekend 
Im broke before the week ends. 
I can't stand the way I feel 
I never knew such hatred was 
so real 
Not towards you but life itself 
I wish I could just let you go 
Put our past on the bookshelf 
But I can't let go 
I won't let you out of my mind 
Even though it kills me each 
and every time. 
I thought we would figure this 
I thought we wuld survive the 
But you dnt even know what 
loves all about 
It's not love if your up when 
the suns down 
With a replacement from a 
different  town. 
I can't even picture the scene. 
Looking at your eyes like a 
I wanted you so bad. But hated 
what you did 
Life's fucked up tho. We learn 
the hard way 
I guess I'll have to walk this 
path alone 
I just wished you could stay. 
My heart was full of wounds but 
all that remains are scars. 
Last night I tried to find 
someone to replace you., So I 
traveled to Mars.