Written by: Litha Ntandane


Truly magnificent isn’t it?
Blinding but yet subtle.
Red to violet it radiates,
black cannot be in such beauty.

See it, picture it,
tell me what you see.
Words can only go so far,
but let me take you there.

First eye to gaze upon it,
how glorious it must have felt.
Instinctual recognition of beauty never seen,
and again never to be replaced.

Uncut, raw it was beautiful,
with patience and anticipation I waited.
Finally it revealed itself to me,
the end was the beginning.

I took it everywhere I went,
if not body then in mind.
All could see the light in me,
such majesty is not to be hidden.

Tougher than steel it will survive,
generations shall pass – Eternal.
One can only be cut by another.
A monument never to be destroyed.

So accept my gift now and forever.
Pure and clear as a fountain.
For if my love were to take a shape,
it would take a nature as such.