Written by: kathryn ramirez

 These lights drew me in like a moth to a flame,


I am like someone else who is using my name.


Looking down upon, the field of my broken dreams.


I sit alone on this hill and scream scream scream.


I smile and I say that everythings alright.


and I struggle to keep my tears out of sight.


I am happy here, this place just seems to fit.


But, I hate that you haven't been here to see it.


I left the place but, home is inside my heart.


what all has changed? where do I start.


It's obvious what, has become new upon a glance,


but, change is what occurs when you take a chance.


I needed this place to let myself be free,


to escape all the demons inside every memory.

not all my memories are bad, but they hurt the same.


especially when someone speaks your name.


I try to fight it, I swear I give it my all.


but when I hear it, I just fall.


I miss you, and I have missed you since before you went away.


I am newly conflicted about this place, and about this day.


I guess no one else would understand this torture of my heart.


But, with you gone forever, my world's torn apart.


I finally found my feet out here all on my own,


But I would give it all back if you came back home.


I know we aren't sisters, they remind me everyday.


But, in my heart you were, and you always will stay